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Can A Large Checked Luggage Be Your One-Stop Solution For All Trips?

Can A Large Checked Luggage Be Your One-Stop Solution For All Trips?

Keeping separate luggage sets and backpacks for leisure trips, family vacations and business tours can be tough! It is not only heavy on the pocket but takes up a lot of space. You also have to maintain the trolley and backpacks to retain the overall quality and look. Why not make a wise call and purchase a trolley that serves all the mentioned purposes? A one-stop solution, that covers all your packing necessities without any worries is your ultimate companion for any trip! 

The perfect size and cavity

The Matte-textured large checked luggage from Level8 is a 24-inch trolley with a capacity of 68 liters! It can carry everything you want to take on a trip. It can be for a family vacation or a long business trip! The huge volume inside the trolley with an overall dimension of 17.5” L x 10.4” W x 26” H makes it the best choice for any tourist. Despite being a large trolley with such humongous holding capacity, the luggage only weighs around 9.63 lbs.! A light weighing trolley can be your perfect companion to any trip for ensuring a hassle-free tour. 

Material that assures resistance

The special hive texture on the Germany Makrolon® Polycarbonate Hard Shell Material of the large checked luggage ensures zero damage. The surface is resistant to any scratches and dents on the body. You can move swiftly with the luggage as it will not catch any scratch marks on the body. The hard shell is durable and sufficiently robust for battling liquid and physical damages. 

Luggage that can serve for a long

Everyone wants a trolley that can confirm longevity and durability. The material of the textured luggage makes it possible for you. You can use it without stressing about the maintenance requirements, as the hive-textured exterior does not catch dirt easily. So, you can say that the trolley is dirt and scratch-resistant. These two features certainly help in making the textured luggage the best choice for all your traveling needs! 

Easy to pack with an apt design

The 24-inch trolley also has an overall fabric lining inside. It does not allow any dirt to enter and thus, keeps everything neat. If you love packing in an orderly manner, the luggage would be a treat for you! The interior mesh pocket divider is an excellent way to keep things organized. No matter how fast you move with the luggage, the belongings will not move from their position!

No noise or travel shocks 

All-rounder spinning wheels for an all-rounder trolley! The trolley contains a set of four wheels fitted below. It spins 360-degrees and makes no noise when you move. You can move fast without making any sound even on uneven grounds. The wheels also have an anti-shock design to prevent the belongings from damages. 

A budget-friendly choice for all trips

Purchase one trolley that suits all the requirements! It is certainly a pocket-friendly choice as you no longer have to find options in luggage sets while going on a trip. Ensure ease of touring with the best luggage from the best brand! 

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