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Choose the Best Travel Luggage for your Next Trip

Choose the Best Travel Luggage for your Next Trip

Travel luggage is an integral part of every trip you take. No matter if you are planning for a long holiday or a short weekend escape, it’s crucial that you carry your belongings safely and securely. A sophisticated, urban-modern, and durable luggage is probably the best companion you can carry to keep your possessions protected. If you are looking for the best travel luggage to organize your belongings in a cohesive manner, opt for one with an urban appearance and a sturdy make.

The LEVEL8 collection

The Pro-collection from LEVEL8 offers a range of bags and suitcases that can be a smart choice for any traveler. The purpose of travelling differs from one person to another and so your luggage requirements. A week-long family holiday will demand a well-sized suitcase, whereas a short business trip could be done with a smart backpack. Our collection includes laptop bags for short trips and suitcases of varying sizes for stretched holidays.

LEVEL8 Pro Collection Luggage

The utilitarian suitcase

The Elegance Polycarbonate Luggage 20" comes designed with multiple chambers and zippered compartments to allow you to pack your belongings in an organized fashion. The suitcase's  smoothened curves and lend it an urban look and make it one of the best travel luggage on the market. The TSA locks are made with special care to ensure utmost safety and easy handling at the same time. The metal trolley handles make it easier to carry heavy bags effortlessly and the push button operation guarantees fast and smooth elongation and folding. Made of polycarbonate, this suitcase is a perfect match for those who opt for beauty and utility.

The Elegance Polycarbonate Luggage 24" features a captivating look and a light yet sturdy body. The supersize of 24’’ ensures space for everything you need during travel. Being crafted from superior quality polycarbonate, this bag is light in weight despite its substantial size. It is a trolley bag and features smooth running low noise wheels equipped with 360-degree rotation. Ideal to be carried for family trips, this luggage that's designed to be checked comes with a volume of 68 liters.

The candid backpack

The Atlas Pro Laptop Backpack from LEVEL8 comes with shoulder straps that secure a firm grip and distribute the backpack’s weight evenly across your shoulders. The padded inside chamber of the backpack provides for ample security for your laptop. It has enough room inside to accommodate all your laptop accessories, such as the adapter, headphones, notebook, keyboard, mouse, identity cards, shades, mobile phone and many other essentials for any short business trip.

Atlas Pro Backpack

The metal suitcase

The Gibraltar Aluminum Luggage 20" is available in two tones, silver and grey. We’ve combined intricate craftsmanship with updated technology to craft this luggage that resonates style and sophistication. It has an aluminum body and a rubber handle, which when left free, drifts to its base position automatically. The low noise double wheels with 360-degree rotation and the high security TSA lock ensure smooth and safe travels. The roomy interiors of this suitcase can hold almost every belonging that you need along your journey.

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