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Five Packing Tips In The Coronavirus Era

Five Packing Tips In The Coronavirus Era

Due to COVID-19, travelers need to pay more attention to medical and healthy over the journey, no matter you’re on long travel or short trip. Therefore, we need to examine our packing list before getting started. LEVEL8 sorts out five packing tips for you, we believe in that they would be helpful and comforting if you were seriously ill, and they’re also good to have on hand for a series of situations.

1. Prepare an instant medicine pack (travel first-aid kit)

Preparing an instant medicine pack is necessary over this crazy age. What needs to be packed in this small bag? Firstly, one digital thermometer is a must. Most people have encountered the situation that you thought you got a “fever” while traveling but actually it’s just the result of being overheated, overtired, or simply warm in a stuffy plane. By testing in a digital thermometer, you might have saved a great deal of unnecessary anxiety. On the flip side, if you really got a fever, you could give the doctor your temperatures in time to get the advice on how to deal with it. Also when there's a language obstacle, time and also temperature analyses are quite global. It would relieve you a bit when you give critical information to the doctor and get a response from them.

Secondly, seasonal allergic medicines need to be added to your travel first-aid kit. Over this special period, sneeze or cough in public would make people around you much worried. To reduce this kind of unnecessary concern even occasional hatreds triggered, these pills should be packed on your hand. On the other side, having medicine to rebuild your body's immune system is good for yourself. 

2. Instant sports drink powder

Sports drinks are high on carbohydrates, electrolytes, and the essential one is that it has a flavor. When something tastes good, the more you’d want to have. Due to its diversity flavor, you could choose different flavors as you want, such as salty, a pinch of sweet and fruity tastes.

Some people would serve themselves with cappuccinos to deal with jet lag. This is not a good habit, and sports drink power is a good substitute.

Additionally, if you consume a lot of energy over the travel, a single serving of sports drink powder would be a good choice as it’s hydrating beverages out there.

3. A New Portable Charger

When traveling, people love to take photos or videos and it’s battery cost. Imagine it, when you are going to look for a location via Google Maps on your phone and suddenly your phone is out of battery. It’s truly annoying as it disrupts your routine. The situation would completely change when you have a portable charger along with you. Nowadays, modern portable chargers are small, light, and powerful. Charging the battery over the night and bring it together with you so that you could use it when your phone is out of battery. This is much helpful when you’re at the place without a power source, such as a clinic or street.

4. An organizer bag set helps pack cleanly

The organizer bag set has dozens of practical applications. They’re ideal for isolating damp and dirty clothing or for making a makeshift soaking bag for laundry. This way, you will not mess up items in the bag. You can quickly get the items from the bag. It also takes less time when it comes to packing for your trip. LEVEL8’s organizer bag set is waterproofed and has extra removable rubber patches that help travelers identify what each bag holds.

Keep clean is one of the important factors to avoid the COVID-19, and the organizer bag set is good to do it.

5. Alcohol antibacterial liquid to wash hands

The COVID-19 public health crisis has proven, washing hands is essential for our health. Regular handwashing is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid getting sick, and prevent the spread of germs to others. When you’re in airports, restaurants, and other public places, it’s inevitable to touch handles, buttons, and screens, which a lot of people touched already. Since you can’t wash your hands instantly, a portable alcohol antibacterial liquid on-hand is a great help for you.

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