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Get Ready With The Best Luggage Backpack Set For A Long Weekend Trip!

Get Ready With The Best Luggage Backpack Set For A Long Weekend Trip!

Planning for a trip in the coming holiday season? What better than in the lap of Mother Nature? Get ready to explore the jungles with your camo-printed backpack. Not a fan of hiking or trekking? Well, then you must take the matte carry-on trolleys as your travel companion. These are the best trolleys that are at par with urban preferences. Whether you travel by flight or board a train, these trolley luggage cases are a constant accessory to ease your travel needs! 

Combining the best luggage pieces

Why buy a separate trolley and a backpack when you can get a combination of luggage backpack set from Level8cases? These are perfect for weekend outings with ample storage size. Whether you want to drag the trolley on the hustling airport lounge or hike like a wanderer amidst the rough terrains, the choice is completely yours! And, on top of it, as a combined offer, you can also use the four-piece organizer set with the trolley and backpack. Sort every essential in the luggage carrier and travel without caring about what’s inside! 

Looks that catch the eyes

With a deep black Matte Anti-Scratch Surface on the outside, your trolley will certainly become the eye-catcher amidst the crowd. The Aluminum Alloy Trolley System exhibits a premium look and is currently the most popular choice among buyers. The luggage backpack set is not only beautiful on the outside but also very sturdy. With high-quality manufacturing, there are no flaws in the design of the Jungle Urban Backpack. With such a combination, experiment your travel looks easily from stylish to casual! 

Easy to travel and move

Tired of those annoying noises of the wheels while maneuvering the trolley? Well, not anymore! The 20” trolley with an overall weight of 10.44 lbs. has four wheels on the base. The wheels can rotate 360 degrees with ultra-quiet edges. There are no chances of abrasion with the smartly designed wheels that can run smoothly on tiled surfaces and rocky lanes. The easy-to-pull telescopic handle eliminates those pinching sores in the fingers, making you travel without caring too much! 

Material that assures durability

Polycarbonate Hard Shell trolleys have a dual advantage. They are light in weight and, at the same time, extremely durable. Zero scratches and zero chances of physical damage on the outside make your travel truly convenient. Shock-proof internal linings in the trolley and the backpack keeps the items safe from any damage. The waterproof covering keeps any liquid damage out of the question. With a combined capacity of 38 L+20 L and an overall dimension of 14.6”L x 9.3”W x 21.5”H + 13”L X 6”W X 17”H, this combo luggage pack can be your lifelong travel companion. 

Fits everything you need

For the next weekend trip, do not compromise while packing the essentials. These trolleys fit everything you want, and the organizers ensure that they stay sorted inside. Buy a combination set of a trolley, backpack, and organizer set of your favorite color, like olive, navy blue, or black, and flaunt them right! 

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