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Get the Best Travel Luggage Carry On From the Latest Collections of LEVEL8

Get the Best Travel Luggage Carry On From the Latest Collections of LEVEL8

Are you still traveling with the same old-fashioned trolleys? With so many new options in the latest collections, it is time to revamp your luggage carriers. The new-age designs are much more compact but have a huge volume to fit everything into one. Buying these will certainly ensure a safe trip no matter where you go. Read along to know the best picks of 2021 that are a must for your shopping list! 

  1. Full Aluminum – Making a comeback!

Who said aluminum trolleys are not in fashion? It has certainly made a comeback with its amazing colors and designs. Full aluminum carry-on trolleys are the best travel luggage carry on from the premium collection of LEVEL8, undoubtedly making it the top pick of the season. The trolleys have a holding capacity of 36liters and a fitting dimension of 15”L X 8.5”W X 22”H. The exterior is stylish, and you get silver and black color variants. Made with Aerospace-grade Aluminum Magnesium Alloy, these luggage carriers are a perfect companion for modern touring. 

  1. Matte look – Trendy and useful

Who does not love a powdered matte finish texture on their trolleys? Well, the wait is over as now you can find a dozen of colors in the matte textured carry-on trolleys. The best travel luggage carry on with a whopping capacity of 38 liters is also scratch-resistant for Germany Bayer Makrolon hard-shell manufacturing. The trolly having 3 step aluminum handle eliminates those hard pinches on the hand and allows smooth maneuvering with 360-degree spinners below. An overall dimension of 15” L X 8.5” W X 22” H makes them a perfect fit in aircraft compartments. 

  1. A textured trolley – Beautifully made

The all-new textured collection comes with amazing diamond cuts to avoid dirt and scratches on the surface. No matter how rough you travel, you will not face any damages with Germany Makrolon® polycarbonate hard shell material which is highly durable and resilient. The overall fabric lining protects all the belongings and keeps them sorted in the mesh pocket dividers. The TSA-approved lock makes the luggage safe and secured from any unwanted access. 

  1. Road runners – For the hasty travelers

Roadrunner carry on trolleys with a laptop pouch makes up the appropriate luggage option for the “always on the go” travelers. Whether you are out for a business tour or a short trip with friends, this trolley is a perfect fit for a solo traveler. Weighing at 8.9lbs, this trolley has a holding capacity of 38liters. The appropriate dimensional values - 14.5”L x 9.1”W x 21.9”H, make it easy for you to carry along and store inside the cupboards or an aircraft container. With dual locks on the trolley having 360-degree noise-free wheels, it ensures optimal touring convenience. 

  1. Vintage trolley – Keeping it classy

A pinch of fashion in your travel routine! The vintage carry-on luggage looks beautiful with pastel shades and a unique exterior texture. The durable trolley weighs 6.8lbs and can hold up to 38liters. All your belongings will remain neat during long flights with a fully lined interior! 

What’s your pick?

Which one do you love the most with such variety and versatility in the collections? Buy the one that fits your traveling needs and travel safe! 

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