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How the Hotel Industry Adopts the Measure to Recover the Sales and How Hotels Prevent the Covid-19

How the Hotel Industry Adopts the Measure to Recover the Sales and How Hotels Prevent the Covid-19

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many industries have been gravely impacted. One such industry that has taken a hit is the travel and tourism industry. Countries that typically thrive on hounds of tourists visiting are now finding that the recent border shutdowns have made it impossible for visitors to come to them. Thankfully, many countries are slowly re-opening. Both the travel and tourism industry is preparing for those who have missed out on vacations or who are keen to take advantage of potential deals.

One major role that the tourism industry is practicing is taking every precaution to promote safety. The measures they are taking against the spread of COVID-19 are mainly focused on the hotels. Many large hotel chains have seen months upon months of decreased revenues. Now, hotel chains are finding themselves in a peculiar position of the opening but also taking every measure possible to stay within the country's restrictions. Many hotels are taking this time to get creative and innovative with how they operate.


What Does This Mean and Look Like?

For hotels to slowly begin making revenue, there are a few things they can do to help the process of building up income.

Some measures that hotels can look into adopting to help boost revenues include: 

Targeted Marketing

With borders slowly opening, airlines are seeking ways of attracting flyers, and the one market segment they are targeting are millennials. Why choose millennials? COVID-19 has prevented many in this generational group from traveling; therefore, they are more likely to have an influx of cash flow. Millennials are also less likely to have responsibilities, which allows them to travel for more extended periods.

Hotels that redefine their marketing to focus on millennials and those with a more significant influx of cash are more likely to attract guests. Not to mention that with the economy slowly re-opening, this is an opportunity for hotels to offer incentives. For example, some hotels are looking at offering free nights, meal vouchers, and extended stay discounts.

Travel Life

Maintenance and Repairs

For smaller hotels, the considerable reduction in guests has allowed them to focus on maintenance and repairs. Which is a great way to prepare for guests but also increases revenues. How you may ask? The best way to look at it is, before hotels make a profit, they may have to make some investments. With COVID-19, these investments could include adding hand-sanitizers throughout the lobby and building, creating, or applying signage to explain their COVID-19 policies and directives. 

For travelers, demonstrating a hotel's commitment to preventing COVID-19 is going to be a significant draw-in. Travelers are going to be drawn to an establishment because the hotel is taking the necessary steps to protect their guests.

Hotel Renovation


Going Digital

Travel and tourism aren't the only industry that is slowly adapting to more digital and online practices. The food and service industry is also finding ways of becoming more digital than ever before. However, hotels are finding ways to make online reservations but also to ensure that the information available to potential travelers is up to date. This is essential when it comes to bookings, and to do this, hotels need to look into investing in cloud technologies and practices.

Digital Travel

Why Going Digital is Important

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted most of the traditional face-to-face relationships into digital interaction like FaceTiming, Zooming, or Skyping. While some may not enjoy this new approach, it is going to either attract or detract potential customers. Having up to date information is going to remove the need to have a person monitor. For travelers, knowing that there is minimal interaction between people can be an added benefit. Hotels that can adapt a business model that focuses on digital and cloud practices are going to find that the actual bodies on-hand significantly shrink.

Travel and Hotels in a COVID World

There is no denying the coronavirus pandemic has singlehandedly managed to disable an entire tourism industry. What is going to restart the industry? The only way to ramp up this industry is if hotels, restaurants, and attractions demonstrate their diligence in implementing policies regarding cleanliness, maintenance, and practices to work towards preventing the spread of the virus. This may include having extra sanitization stations, wearing masksproviding travel cubes, or limiting the access or number of individuals at a particular time.

The bottom line initially, it is a step towards gaining tourists’ trust and interest in traveling again. These initiatives and actions are going to show potential guests that their hotel is the one to stay at because of their dedication to protecting both their guests and their staff.

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