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How to know when it’s time for new luggage before flying

How to know when it’s time for new luggage before flying

Travel should be relaxing and enjoyable, even if it’s for work. Whether you prefer to take carryon luggage that stays with you throughout your journey or checked luggage you don’t have to worry about until you reach your destination, before your next trip, you should evaluate whether or not it’s time for new luggage.

Over time, your luggage can break down from use or go out of style. Even if you don’t see yourself as someone who sets or follows trends, the style of your luggage could mean it isn’t up for the beating it can take from travel.

As you prepare for your next travel – either business or personal – consider these five tips for deciding if it’s time for new luggage.

Matte Carry-On Lightblue 20''

1. Look for weaknesses in the exterior

Hard-shell luggage can break down over time. If there are cracks or abrasions to the exterior of your luggage, it’s time to look for a new bag. While carry on luggage undergoes some wear and tear, checked luggage experiences even more.

If you choose to still carry your bag despite abrasions, you might lose some belongings. That’s because airlines, trains, buses and other forms of public transportation specifically state that they are not liable for your belongings. So if your case breaks open and your belongings fall out, it’s on you to replace them.

LEVEL8 luggage pro tip: We built LEVEL8 luggage for durability and to be weather resistant, offering superior protection against some of the worst travel conditions. And we stand behind our product with extensive warranties.


2. Check your bag’s security

If your travels take you on a variety of different types of transportation methods and into areas where you have to worry about security, you should evaluate how secure your luggage is. A taxi driver could pull a valuable from your bag without you knowing for several hours. Or at the airport, someone could nonchalantly walk by and turn criminal.

While it’s a reality no one wants to face, sadly it can be true. Consider how you pack and where you place your valuables in your luggage. Most luggage has pockets on the front where people tend to slip their phone while going through security as a temporary safe space. And yet, these compartments have no locks or other security.

Other compartments might only have a small padlock, which can wear out with time.

LEVEL8 luggage pro tip: Use the LEVEL8 TSA lock on all our luggage, both carryon luggage and checked luggage for the ultimate security. These locks meet the rules and regulations the TSA puts forth for allowable locks on baggage during air travel.

TSA Lock

3.Review whether the interior organization meets your needs

The more you travel, the more you’ll look to have impeccable interior organization for your luggage. Once you realize how well-organized you can remain while away from home, you won’t want to go back to all of your belongings being in your bag haphazardly. 

Modern luggage features interior compartments or organizers that make it feel like home. Plus, these organizers allow you to arrive at your destination and easily place your belongings where you keep them at home for seamless preparations each morning.

LEVEL8 luggage pro tip: The LEVEL8 Organizer Bag Set comes with each one of our suitcases. That’s because we believe in making your travels stress-free and enjoyable. Label each one with our movable and reusable rubber patches to stay organized no matter how long your travels will be.

organizer bag set

4. Decide if you can spot your bag in a crowd

If you've ever stood at a luggage claim in an airport, you know the challenge of figuring out which plain black suitcase is yours. And then when you pick it up, it doesn't necessarily say anything about your personal style or integrates with your handbag or other fashion statements.

Both for security and style, you should be able to pick out your bag in a crowd. Feel comfortable in knowing your bag won’t be claimed by the wrong person and that you would instantly know if someone were trying to walk off with it.

LEVEL8 luggage pro tip: Our luggage features a sleek and modern design that helps you stand out. You won’t question whether or not the bag on the carousel is yours because its simple, yet modern design will stand out among other luggage on the belt.

sleek design

5. The last time you traveled, your bag was difficult and stressful to carry

The ease of rolling and carrying luggage has come a long way in the last several decades. If you felt stressed or overwhelmed by carrying your luggage throughout your travels, it’s time to look for a new bag.

Modern bags feature wheels, handles and comfortable grips that make the luggage easy and enjoyable to carry. The only time you should lift your luggage is when going upstairs or placing the bag inside a vehicle. Otherwise, ensure your bag is travel-ready and avoids breaking your back.

LEVEL8 luggage pro tip: LEVEL8 bags feature 360-degree wheels, slow-release handles and integration with our laptop backpacks to make your travels easy. Slip the loop from your backpack over the handle and roll through your travels without losing energy or patience.


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