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How to plan an affordable trip and pack your best travel luggage accordingly

How to plan an affordable trip and pack your best travel luggage accordingly

"I need a vacation." It's a phrase we say often and yet we don't normally keep the promise to ourselves that we'll actually take that vacation. And the cost can be a major factor in our decision to just stay home during our time off from work. Or overwhelm can settle in when you don't need one more thing to add to your to-do list to plan a relaxing getaway.

But you shouldn’t feel that way. There are ways you can take a relaxing and enjoyable vacation that won’t break the bank and fill up your to-do list unnecessarily. An affordable vacation is possible with the right advanced planning and preparations. Plus, making sure you have the best travel luggage can make the trip less stressful for you.

Use comparison websites

More than likely, you have a favorite airline and hotel you enjoy staying at. While that’s understandable and you certainly want to be comfortable during your trip, saving money might be more of a priority. And if it is, you should turn to the comparison websites. 

Websites like Kayak, Expedia, or can help you run comparisons among many hotels and airlines for your destination. You might not be able to find your first choice for accommodations, but you should be able to find something that will work for your budget and needs.

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Choose the season carefully

Each tourist destination has its busy seasons and off-seasons. Booking during the off-season can have many perks, including cost savings and fewer crowds to contend with. If you have flexibility in when and where you go for your vacation, you should consider choosing your season carefully.

For example, after Labor Day, beaches tend to be less crowded as children return to school. And yet, most of these areas are still warm enough for you to enjoy your stay to the fullest in mid to late September.

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Consider a B&B or couch surfing

Once you’ve chosen your location, consider whether or not you’d feel comfortable staying in a local bed and breakfast (B&B) or even couch surfing. With today’s modern technology, these accommodations are all listed online for you to easily price out the service and book it online seamlessly.

Generally, these sorts of arrangements are less expensive than booking a hotel. However, the level of comfort and privacy you have with booking this type of accommodation might also be lower.

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Plan splurges wisely

Traveling to a place you've always wanted to go to and staying on a tight budget can be difficult. To make sure you enjoy your stay and get to do what you want to do there, plan to make a splurge or two.

Build into your travel budget a night out to eat at the well-known restaurant in the area or an excursion that’s a must-see attraction. Prioritize your list of things you absolutely must do while you’re there and build out your travel budget accordingly.


Take advantage of credit card points

Your credit cards can be a great advantage while traveling. Book your flight and hotel using your credit card and enjoy the cashback. Use that cashback to pay for other aspects of your travel, such as food and entertainment.

Be careful using your credit card for a vacation though. Don’t overspend just because you can’t see directly how much you’re spending on the trip. Put the numbers into a spreadsheet that tallies up how much money you’re spending to avoid having a credit card bill you can’t afford to pay.

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Pack light with best travel luggage and save on checked bag fees

Many airlines charge extra fees for you to check your luggage. Instead, pack light and save money by carrying on your luggage with you. While this might sound like it won’t be as relaxing, the right carry on luggage can be easy to carry so you still enjoy your trip.

To prepare for your travels, invest in the best travel luggage that meets your needs. LEVEL8 carry on luggage features 360-degree wheels, a TSA lock and easy-grip handle so that you can enjoy the process of carrying the bag. Shop our luggage collection and see the difference.

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