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Know the Top Three Options to Go For In the Backpack and Luggage Set Collection

Know the Top Three Options to Go For In the Backpack and Luggage Set Collection

This shopping season, shop something different that will help you make your travel experience better. While many people select oversized trolleys for traveling, it may not always be the ideal solution. You may require a big-sized check-in luggage piece for a family vacation. But for solo trips and short tours, you need a compact solution. Even for business tours, you need a solution that can compactly pack everything. Here are the top three picks of the season you can select for making your travel experience convenient every time you take a flight.

  1. Condor and textured – The perfect choice!

Who does not love a texture trolley? The combination even gets better when you add a condor backpack! These are among the best-selling items from LEVEL8 in the Backpack and Luggage Set collection. The overall holding capacity of this dynamic luggage duo is 41 L+26.5 L and 68 L+26.5 L, depending on the size variants you select. The ultra-cool collection brings a perfect solution for buyers looking for a trendy luggage solution. 

  1. Aluminum with an atlas bag – A durable choice

The premium quality of aluminum can never get questioned! No one can deny the supremacy of the metallic trolleys to date! With the best full-body aluminum trolley, you can find a premium-looking atlas backpack. The attractive and versatile Backpack and Luggage Set is perfect for all traveling needs. The overall capacity of this combo package is 36 and 31 liters with the perfect dimensional values - 15” L X 8.5” W X 22” H and 12.6” L x 6.5” W x 18.6” H. 

  1. The textured and atlas set – A trendy pick

The third pick is a blend of the above two! You can find a super-classy textured trolley made with the textured anti-scratch surface, made with German Bayer Makrolon® hard-shell material. The Atlas backpack defines comfort in every possible way with the heavily padded back straps. The multi-organizer pockets with an overall holding capacity of 41 L+31 L or 68 L+31 L, make it a superb choice for all buyers.  

What makes these the top three choices?

Quality is equivalent when you compare the three options. The hard-shell material of all three luggage combos is durable and brings an anti-scratch surface. Whether hard-shell material or metallic exterior of the trolley, the trolleys remain as it is for years. It contains 360-degree spinning wheels that make your journey smooth and fast. All the backpacks have excellent manufacturing that helps you store anything and everything you may need on the go. The ergonomic design makes it simpler for you while traveling long distances.

Brand assurance makes it better!

Get brand assurance and ensure safety for your luggage. The TSA-approved logs and the robust manufacturing help you stay stress-free on long flights. The resilient structure does not let the travel shocks affect the belongings in any way. Go for the perfect blend of price and quality to find a combination that resolves all your packing and traveling demands.

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