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List of Top 4 Best Luggage Bag for Your Official Trip

List of Top 4 Best Luggage Bag for Your Official Trip

Every journey you take necessitates the use of a travel luggage bag. Whether you are going on a long vacation or a quick weekend getaway, you must transport your properties safely and securely. If you don’t have any idea to pick the right one then the level 8 can be the wonderful option during your trip. A smart, urban-modern, and robust piece of luggage is likely the best partner you can have for keeping your belongings safe. If you're looking for the best business travel luggage to keep your possessions organized, choose one with a sleek design and a solid build. If you are looking for something light and durable, extra space, or fashion before you travel, familiarize yourself then the level 8 luggage bags can be the right option.

  1. LEVEL8 Elegance Matte Carry-On Luggage, 20” 

In this bag, the hard shells are ultra-lightweight and constructed entirely of PC materials. It contains the three-layer PC Matte surface that makes the case strong and elegant and protects the contents of the suitcase. It also contains spinner wheels with an aluminum retractable handle is helpful for easy control. This best business travel luggage bag includes TSA lock control it enables you to secure while traveling internationally.

Inside, there are zipper dividers and a small zipper pocket to keep things properly organized. The overall dimensions of this bag include 21.3” x 14.4” x 9.2”. Weight 7.7 POUNDS For a 20” carry-on, the packing capacity is 48L. Thus, it is ideal for excursions of 1-4 days.

  1. LEVEL8 Condor Laptop Backpack

In these busy days, people used to carry a lot of series to complete their work. Therefore, the best carry on luggage for business travel is important to buy a perfect laptop backpack to keep your laptop in the correct position. This LEVEL8 Condor Laptop Backpack is one of the best options to buy, which is very helpful throughout your travel. 

It is designed with amazing beneficial features. The capacity is about 26.5 liters, and the Weight is 1.5 lbs and the External dimensions is 15” L X 6” W X 19” H. Pockets for multiple Organizers, phones, plumes, keys, wallet, bags, and passport. External USB Charging Port, convenient access to the power bank in your bag.

  1. Jungle Backpack and Check-in (20'') Luggage Set

If you are moving to another country for your official work, you will need to carry a large set of gadget items with you. Therefore, it is essential to buy a luggage set to carry all those items. The Jungle Backpack and Check-in (20'') Luggage Set will give more comfort. Level8 Urban jungle pack and four-part bag organizers Included, naturally shifting between the style and lifestyles of business travel.

Hardshell and matt scratch surface and aluminum alloy trolley system are durable, lightweight polycarbonate. TSA Approved Combination Lock and 360° Lasting Spinner Wheels. Capacity: 68 L+20 L, Weight is about 13.1 lbs + 1.9 lbs and the Dimension: 17.5” L x 10.4” W x 26”H + 13” L X 6” W X 17” H. 

  1. Pro Carry-On with Laptop Pocket 20''

Before planning a trip, it is vital to know what are all the things you will carry on this official trip. If you have worked more than 15 days, then this Pro carry on luggage deals With Laptop Pocket 20'' can be an excellent option that has wonderful storage space. Fit for 15.6" laptop, tablet, magazines, padded front pocket. Simple and zipperless, push right, open the pocket.

Featuring an integrated USB port and a power bank interface, you can quickly connect your electronic devices. The capacity is 35 liters, weight is about 9.3 lbls and Over Dimension:14.5”L x 9.3”W x 21.6”H. 

The bottom line 

You should have to give importance to buying the best set of luggage bags during your official trip. These are the top 4 excellent and user-friendly level 8 luggage bags you need to consider before buying. 

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