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Steps to Clean Your Luggage after a Business Trip

Steps to Clean Your Luggage after a Business Trip

Going on a vacation is certainly refreshing. The struggle gets real when you return and start unpacking! Amidst the global pandemic, hygiene is something that you cannot afford to overlook. You have to clean every belonging that you carried on the trip. Following are a few useful steps that will ease your cleaning task. 

Step 1: Be careful of what you bring!

The first rule; Do not bring the business travel luggage directly into your bedroom. Keep it in the open for some time before you unpack. Spray some sanitizer on thecarry-on luggage. The outer surface area of the hard-shelled 20” and 24” best business travel luggage needs your prime attention. Dirt and germs stick to the smooth and scratch-free upper surface. Ensure to keep itgerm-free with proper sanitizing measures. 

Step 2: Unpack first to clean

Your clothes and belongings are safe inside the best carry on luggage for business travel, but are they clean? Remember to take out every luggage item that you took along in the luggage bags. Smartly designed segmented slots with zipper coverings are present in the rolling luggage cases. For this, you must check thoroughly. Wash off the clothes and accessories after you take them out from the luggage business travel bag. After completing this step, move onto the empty suitcase next.

Step 3: Cleaning the hard shell

You do not require worrying about scratches and physical damage on the hard outer shell. Germany Makrolon® polycarbonate hard shell material is easy to clean. All you require is a mild cleaning liquid to wipe off the outer layer. The special diamond texture layer does not attract much dirt, which makes your task even simpler! Being waterproof on the outside, feel free to use water as it will not damage the interiors.

Step 4: Coming to the layers inside

While you clean the inner linings, you can use the vacuum cleaner. It removes the loose dirt that is present in the different slots and dividers. Run it through the inside edges to ensure a complete cleanup. Check for any bed bugs inside the fabric linings and mesh dividers where you had kept your clothes. 

Step 5: Zips, handles and wheels

Do not forget to clean the additional suitcase parts. Clean them right to make it shine again! Take a cloth and soak it in a sanitizing liquid or soap-water to wipe off the wheels. The 360-degree spinning wheels can run over rough terrains for which it is easy to acquire dirt. Comfortable gripping handles can accumulate germs from your hands. So, use the right cleaning element to wipe off the telescopic handle made from aluminum alloy. 

Step 6: Dry it properly

After completing the cleanup, it is time to make the luggage dry. Use a clean and dry cloth or tissue to wipe moisture off the zip lines, wheels, edges and handles. Keep it outside in the sunlight so that it dries up properly. You can also use a blower for the interior fabric lines and mesh dividers. 

Final Step: Store it right

Keep the carry-on luggage cases safe by storing them in a germ-free and dry cabinet. Seal the bag and close the zippers before you keep it back in the cupboard. With the best bags from LEVEL8, you get optimal durability assurance with the right cleaning steps. 

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