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The right carry on luggage and preparation trips can make business travel stress-free

The right carry on luggage and preparation trips can make business travel stress-free

Some people love traveling for work, while others would rather stay in the traditional office setting. If you recently changed jobs and now find yourself in a position where you need to travel a great deal for your work, you might be looking for ways to make it less stressful.

While many parts of the world are limiting travel right now, it’s a good time to learn about ways to make your business travel less stressful. That way, when your business begins traveling again, you’ll be ready.

One of the keys to making your travels less stressful is in using the right carry on luggage. Avoiding the bag check can help you save time at the airport by avoiding long lines that can be stress-inducing. And staying organized can aid in making you more comfortable during your travels.


Carry on luggage improves the speed at the airport

When you use checked luggage for your business travels, you have to wait in line at your airline's service desk at check-in to get your bag properly ticketed. Not only that but once you land at your final destination, you'll wait once again at baggage claim for your checked luggage.

When you check your luggage for airline travel, you also risk them going through your luggage while it’s in transit. An airport security professional rifling through your luggage can make for quite the mess of things, which can add more stress to your travels.

Carry on luggage allows you to keep your belongings with you at all times. There’s no chance that the airline will lose your luggage, leaving you unprepared for business meetings.

carry on luggage

Lightweight for public transportation

Once you disembark from airline travel, you might need a taxi, train, or bus to get to your final destination. It means lifting that luggage into these modes of transportation. The heavier the luggage, the more stressful your experience might be.

Choose lightweight luggage that’s easy to roll alongside you. Consider your personal item as well. Whether that’s a purse, satchel, messenger bag, backpack, or briefcase, evaluate whether or not it’s the right fit for you. Protect your laptop and other electronics with a good bag that distributes its weight properly across your shoulders to avoid long-term damage to your body. The LEVEL8 laptop backpacks are great for this and have a loop to attach them to our luggage so you can roll through travel with ease.

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Organizational structure

The part of getting from point A to point B is only one small aspect of your work travels. Once you arrive, now you’re living out of a suitcase. Most people at home have dressers, bins, and other organizational structure that enables them to get ready for the day with ease.

Your suitcase should be no different. Choose carry on luggage that enables you to enjoy your stay away from home with the same organization you enjoy every day. LEVEL8 suitcases come with an organizational bag set that makes traveling more enjoyable. Lift out each bag and place it in the bathroom or in front of the mirror where you get ready in the morning at your hotel so that you can just pick it up and leave once your travels end. 

organizer bag set

Packing light to stay organized

Another benefit of carrying on luggage versus checked luggage is that you’re less likely to overpack since you have less space. Overpacking has two main setbacks:

  1. It makes your suitcase heavier and therefore more cumbersome to carry
  2. You’ll struggle to stay organized during your travels with more belongings to care for

Pack only what you need for your stay based on how many days you'll be away. Obviously, you want to look polished for your business meetings and events, but consider mixing and matching sports jackets and shirts to create new looks instead of packing a full suit for every day you’re gone. 


LEVEL8 carry on luggage uses insights we’ve learned from a few decades in business. We tailor the bags to meet your business and leisure travel needs so you can enjoy your trip, no matter why you’re there.