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Top 6 Picks Of 2022: The Best Business Travel Luggage under the Budget

Top 6 Picks Of 2022: The Best Business Travel Luggage under the Budget

Who said that the affordable luggage set cannot look great? The new collection of trolleys in 2022 has changed the perception. You can find different colors, textures and materials of manufacturing with the multiple collections. Check out the year’s best luggage picks for business traveling to purchase the perfect one for your next trip - 

  1. Aluminum – One-stop solution

The first pick has to be a full-body aluminum trolley of 36-liter capacity. The best carry on luggage for business travel from Level8 brings you a lifetime warranty on the material. The 15” L X 8.5” W X 22” H dimensioned trolley has Aerospace-grade Aluminum Magnesium Alloy as the manufacturing material, making it perfect for long-distance trips. It is highly durable and resistant to any damage. 

  1. Textured trolleys for business trips

A Germany Makrolon® Polycarbonate Hard Shell 24-inch trolley with diamond-shaped texture on the body is a fine choice in luggage business travel. You can get them in 38 and 68-liter capacity with an excellent dual-lock guard. The overall fabric lining in the 7.7 lbs. or 9.6 lbs. trolley makes it a fitting choice for different touring needs. 

  1. Matte luggage sets for you

Among the best business travel luggage sets, the matte trolley combination of 20 and 24-inches emerges as a clear winner! You can purchase two rolling Aluminum Alloy Trolleys and move easily with the 360-degree spinning anti-noise wheels fitted below. Keep your belongings safe while you travel in the 38L and 68L trolley set. 

  1. Trunk designs on modern luggage

A 28-inches Bayer Makrolon material luminous trunk luggage have a humongous capacity of 99-litres! The trunk-like trolley only weighs 11.5lbs. with a perfect dimensional combination of 16.7” L x 13.4” W x 29.3” H. You can carry the trolley with ease and ensure a safe and secured journey. Rely on the 3-layer composite surface and aluminum-made handles on the trolley, that comes with a TSA-approved combination locking setup. 

  1. New-age trolley for carrying gadgets

Laptops and other electronic gadgets are a constant companion when on a work trip. A pro-carry-on suitcase that fits your laptop in the front pouch can be your ultimate problem resolver. The 35-liter capacity trolley with an overall dimension of 14.5” L x 9.3” W x 21.6” H fits inside all aircraft overhead compartments. The aerospace-grade Bayer Makrolon material of the hard-shell trolley protects your belonging from any physical damage. Increase your convenience of moving in the airports with push-open laptop pouches and telescopic handles. 

  1. Travel in vintage style

The last luggage defines style and class for all business trips. A vintage luggage set of 20 and 24-inches can be your go-to luggage choice for any trip! These are durable and light weighing, making it easy for you to move fast even in crowded spaces. The 3-step telescopic handles take care of the repeated pinches on the fingers and allow easy handling. Consider this superlight luggage combo for simplifying packing requirements. 

Which one would you pick?

With such variety in options, which one steals your attention? Pick the best luggage piece or combo to ensure zero-hassles the next time you travel. 

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