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Travel to Golden Japan in Fall

Travel to Golden Japan in Fall

Konichiwa - Welcome to Japan 

Pack your carry-on luggage and make your way to the beautiful country of Japan this fall. Tokyo, the capital of Japan, was originally going to be the home of the Summer 2020 Olympic Games; however, given recent global events of COVID-19, the Olympics have been pushed to the Summer of 2021. The last time the Olympics were in Japan was in 1998 for Nagano. The country has held the Olympics four times, with two Summer and two Winter seasons. 

How to Travel in Japan in Autumn 

Given the recent global events of a world pandemic, travel restrictions are slowly being lifted. As countries such as Japan begin to open up to tourists, there are a few things to consider that make traveling stress-free.

Something to consider when traveling to Japan this fall is a travel VISA. Depending on where you are traveling from, there may still be travel restrictions in place. 

Another thing that makes traveling in Japan in autumn stress-free is to visit places that are not in lockdown or have travel restrictions. Some townships may not have been affected much by COVID-19; therefore, things are business as usual. 

Sightseeing in Japan

Autumn is a popular season for tourists in the country. Why? Many come from around the world to see the Autumn leaves, which takes place from October to November. Japan is a popular destination for locals and those from abroad who come to see the reds, oranges, and changing yellow leaves. 

Following the trend of trees and nature, the Meiji Jingu Gaien Ginkgo Festival is another popular tourist attraction. This event lasts two weeks and brings over two million tourists who come to awe at the stunning golden trees.

Sightseeing in Japan

For the foodie traveler visiting Japan, there is the famous Tokyo Ramen Show. This is an opportunity for the Ramen lover to try new and creative Ramen recipes. Autumn is a season that offers more than just ramen festivals. There is also the Autumn Appetite, which is where various Japanese vendors set up shop and share their yummy recipes.

Japan is filled with an array of tourist attractions. From exploring nature to trying out different cuisines, Japan is also known for being the epicenter of technology. This allows tourists an opportunity to have a first glimpse into the latest technology types. There are great things to see and do. 

Prevention Measure in Traveling Japan in 2020

There is a good likelihood that no matter where you are flying from, certain travel precautions had to be followed. 

When flying into Japan, there are prevention measures that the country is practicing and promoting. 

The big thing that is being practiced throughout the country is the use of face coverings and proper hand sanitizing. It is also recommended that if you feel sick or show signs of a fever, stay home and quarantine for two weeks. 

For first time travelers to Japan, it is essential to take the time to research what the potential restrictions are during the dates you are in the country. It is also crucial you know what attractions or locations may or may not be open for visits. 

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Travel Smart and Travel Light

When you start to take advantage of the lifting of travel restrictions, one of the best things to do is to help with traveling and the restrictions is to pack light. One way of doing this is to use carry-on luggage to prevent multiple bag handling, not to mention it gets you out of the airport quicker!

Start your wanderlust journey with a trip to Japan this fall. 

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