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Unpacking the Differences: Level8 Luggage Trunk with Wheels vs. Other Carry-Ons

Unpacking the Differences: Level8 Luggage Trunk with Wheels vs. Other Carry-Ons


When selecting a luggage trunk with wheels, there are several elements of consideration that need to be taken into account before deciding on the best. These include durability, weight distribution and space alignments that play a vital role in deciding your preferred luggage set. Also, it is essential to verify the seller as it ensures you receive a genuine product and call customer service in case of any issues. 

If you are in need of a luggage set that meets your traveling needs and at the same time is trendy then have a look at Level8’s luxury Sets for a voyage. In the blog we are going to talk about what makes Level8 carry-ons different from those made by other companies.

What Makes Level8 Carry-On Stand Out ?

Size and Capacity

  • Level8: During long trips, having the right travel luggage makes all the difference. The Level8 carry-ons stand out from other luggages, due to its innovative design that offers the user more space to accommodate essential items. Level8 carry-on have sectioned compartments that allow you to pack essential gear, a full sized laptop and clothes for almost a week. Level8 offers various size options in their luggage trunk with wheels ranging from 18 inches to up to 38 inches in storage space. This allows the user to pick a carry-on that suits their requirements and accommodate all their items.
  • Other Brands: Most carry-on made by other brands are heavyweight and don't offer ample storage space to accommodate all user requirements. They also don't follow size guidelines set by airline companies that may cause the user trouble when traveling. These airlines have size restrictions on luggage and may charge extra if the carry-ons exceed the size guidelines.

Durability and Material

  • Level8: The Level8 luggage trunk is very durable and sturdy that makes it ideal for long travel sessions. Level8 carry-ons are made of high quality German-made Makrolon® polycarbonate. This makes it very durable from damages such as scratches and scuffs. Additionally, the carry-ons have reinforced corners and double stitched seams and the interior is lined with a soft scratch-resistant fabric that protects your belongings from damage.
  • Other Brands: Many brands use low quality materials such as polyester and nylon to make carry-on luggages. This degrades the overall durability of the luggage and also affects the safety of items kept inside. While level8 uses scratch resistant fiber for interior casing, other brands opt for cost-effective solutions such as nylon casing. This makes the interior vulnerable to damages such as wear and tear and compromises the item's safety. Also, using materials of lesser quality leads to losing items in transit or spoilage, affecting the overall travel experience.

Maneuverability and Wheels

When it comes to luggage design, one of the most important features is how easy it makes traveling for people when they are going through airport terminals or rugged places. The quality that distinguishes Level8 luggage trunk with wheels from other products is its top-notch traction system. 

  • Level8: The Level8 trunk is famous for its maneuverability due to having spinner wheels. These wheels turn through 360 degrees making it very easy to pass by a crowded airport or occupy a small space in a plane. The wheels are built from premium materials making them long lasting and functioning effectively even in difficult terrains. 
  • Other Brands: Most carry-ons have immobile wheels or poor spinner wheels that can easily wear out if used regularly. These wheels also produce an irritating creaking sound that is very unpleasant and causes disturbances to the user. Also, these wheels are difficult to travel with in irregular surfaces making them a hassle for the user when traveling in mountain regions or rough terrains.

Security Features

  • Level8: Travelers are concerned with their safety, this is why advanced and well thought out security features are implemented in the Level8 luggage trunk. The trunks come with a built-in TSA-approved lock which is one of its most unique features. The lock enables TSA agents to inspect luggage without breaking it. Hence enabling users to know that their property is safe but at the same time allowing easy access if required.
  • Other Brands: Many brands do not opt for TSA approved locks that make the luggage vulnerable to damage during transit and security checks. This can cause difficulties, as the luggage may get damaged during travel and cause hassle for the user, ruining the overall travel experience. Hence it's better to always check for TSA approved locks in carry-on luggage. 

Innovative Locking Mechanisms and Features

  • Level8: Apart from the standard TSA lock, the Level8 luggage trunk with wheels also holds some extra features that step up its protection. The zippers are sturdy and you cannot puncture them easily, thus making it difficult to penetrate using a sharp object. In addition to that these zippers are strong enough allowing them to endure all the pressures encountered during traveling. Thus ensuring no parts are lost, no matter how often one uses them. This also eliminates the need for frequent repair and replacement, being cost effective to the user.
  • Other Brands: In order to reduce manufacturing costs many companies tend to opt for cheap zipper locks. These locks are not very durable and can break down when holding heavy luggages. Another concern with these sets of zippers is the protection against theft. These can be easily tampered using sharp tools, risking the overall security of the user’s belongings. 


In conclusion, Level8 carry-ons offer a wide range of features that make it stand out from rest manufacturers. The luggages offers ample storage space, is durable and offers various security features. This ensures you have a safe and seamless travel experience. If you're looking for the best luggage sets on sale check Level8 online store. We have carry-on collections in different sizes and color options to ensure you get your desired luggage option. For more information check out our website at