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Useful Guide To Buy The Right Size Of Black Carry On Suitcase

Useful Guide To Buy The Right Size Of Black Carry On Suitcase

Planning for a vacation but confused about the luggage? First, sort the luggage confusion to ensure a stress-free vacation. The prime confusion lies in picking the sizes. Is it too big for the trip? Or too small in size to fit everything you need? You need a guide to buy the right one. Read along and know better!

A large one for vacations!

A matte luggage carry-on of 24” has a capacity of 68lt. With the LEVEL8 collection, you get this large luggage and another black carry on suitcase at an amazing combination offer. A long trip needs a larger suitcase with dimensions of 17.5” L x 10.4” W x 26” H, fit to hold every belonging. A perfect one for a month-long holiday. 

For your solo trips!

Unlike month-long vacations, shorter trips or business tours need a smaller suitcase. You can always go for a luggage set on sale where you get both options. Carry the smaller one with a capacity of 38lt for a solo trip. It is easy to carry along wherever you go with a suitable dimension of 14.6” L x 9.3” W x 21.5” H. A handy option for you!

A blend of both!

By buying a set of a large and a small carry-on suitcase, you get to meet both purposes. You can use them as per your trip plans. Both the suitcases have hard-shell making on the outside with premium interior lining all over. The Germany Bayer Makrolon® Material of the rolling luggage-set is both resilient and durable, which is certainly an added advantage. 

Size that fits

The size of the bag largely defines how much you can carry. First, sort what you want to carry and then pick the bag. Do not leave anything by compromising on the luggage size. Go for a larger luggage solution with Interior Mesh Pocket Divider And 2 Zipper Pockets inside them to keep everything in place. Travel without stress as the bags have anti-shock manufacturing that keeps everything secured inside. 

  • With better interior setup: Straps are essential when you carry a suitcase. With large rolling cases, the 2 straps inside play a good role in keeping things sorted. With TSA approved combination lock on the large and mid-sized luggage, your belongings are safe. 

How do you measure?

For measuring the external size of the bag, follow these steps:

  • Place the suitcase on a flat base and take a measuring tape. 
  • Measure the total height from the wheels to the handle tip.
  • Measure the width at the widest portion of the suitcase.
  • While measuring, do not include the extended part of the handles.

Volume or size? What about the weight?

Addressing a major concern with most bags! Always go with the one having greater inner capacity. You can find the volume of the cases mentioned in the product descriptions. 38lt, 68lt are standard sizes that suit most touring needs. Also, check the weight. The lighter it is, the better for you as you can carry it with ease. When buying a luggage set, ensure that the weight is around 7.71 lbs. + 9.63 lbs. combined to get the best one for easy mobility. 

Keep these in mind

With so many aspects related to the size of the bag, be careful while you buy to avoid a losing deal! Buy from the best brand and tour without any worries! 

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