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What Makes The Luggage Backpack Set Apt For Solo Trips?

What Makes The Luggage Backpack Set Apt For Solo Trips?

Going on a solo trip is nothing less than an adventure. In fact, it helps you explore the world in a way you have never done before. But, to enjoy your trip to the fullest, you ought to find a suitable packing solution. Because it is a solo tour, you have no one to help you with the luggage or carry the extra belongings, which you could not fit in your trolley. You have to be responsible for packing your essentials and carrying them wherever you go. Having a combined set of a backpack and a rolling trolley can be the ultimate solution you are looking for. Why? Read on and recognize the reasons to select such a combo!

It eases the packing needs.

A Luggage Backpack Set from a renowned brand like LEVEL8 can be helpful in several ways while you are traveling on your own! A jungle backpack brings out the adventurous side while you are on a solo trip and fits all that you need handy and on the go! The matte-finished carry-on trolley is the ultimate rolling case if you are flying to different countries as it brings a compact yet useful solution for packing! The combined capacity of 38 and 20 lt. resolves all the packing needs conveniently. 

The size and dimension

The ideal dimension of the Luggage Backpack Set is 14.6” L x 9.3” W x 21.5” H and 13” L X 6” W X 17” H, making it a flawless compact solution. The perfect dimensions fit the overhead aircraft of all the flights. The carry-on trolley is easy to carry wherever you go without worrying about losing the luggage on the way. The backpack also provides ample space to keep everything you need while traveling. It can be books, wallets, or handy essentials.

The convenience of traveling

When you travel alone, you need to pick up your luggage. If the luggage is heavy, it is impossible to work freely and move around the place. So, both the trolley and the backpack need to be lightweight. The backpack with the polyester material and heavily padded backstraps help you carry it conveniently without getting back aches. The overall weight is 10.44 lbs. and 1.9 lbs., so you can understand the ease of carrying it on the back anywhere you travel!

Use the bags differently.

If you go hiking, you can conveniently only carry a backpack. Otherwise, you can take the carry-on trolley with you wherever you go. It depends on you how you utilize the combo pack. Even with the trolley, you can easily drag it anywhere with the 360-degree spinning wheels that make zero noise! With the TSA-approved locks, all your belongings are safe inside the trolley. It is also safe with the backpack as it contains robust zip locks.

Get the best prices on the bags.

Find the ideal pick that eases the solo travel requirements. Check the dimension holding capacity and the overall weight of the luggage to keep it convenient during the solo trip. Make a wise choice and buy the best combination.

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