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Your Ultimate Guide To Find The Best luggage backpack set

Your Ultimate Guide To Find The Best luggage backpack set

Every year when you are packing the clothes for the year-end holiday, there is always a never-ending struggle with the luggage carriers! Either the trolley is too large for your belongings. Or, it is too small to fit everything you need to pack. No matter what trolley or backpack you buy, the struggle with your packing will remain the same unless you have the right guide to buy. Buying a luggage carrier is not that easy as you have to carefully review the features of the product. Read along and find out how to find the best luggage carrier within your budget - 

The size makes the difference!

The size of the bags and trolleys make the real difference. The ultimate utility of the carrier is in the capacity of the bag, which gets determined through the dimensions and volume. Leading brands like LEVEL8 has brought luggage backpack set with apt size and dimensions to meet your requirements. The overall weight of the combined luggage set needs to be 13.1lbs. and 2.2lbs. to ensure ease of movability. 

How to measure it?

Measuring the dimension can be tricky if you do not know the easiest way to do it. Take a measuring tape first to measure the suitcase from the luggage backpack set. Measure it from one edge to another. The perfect dimensional values can be around 17.5” L x 10.4” W x 26” H and 13” L X 7” W X 17” H, making the luggage set fit rightly into the aircraft compartments. You can go for a larger variant for easing the packing requirements. But if you travel solo, the smaller backpack will be sufficient for you. 

Check the quality and manufacturing.

Irrespective of the size of the luggage, the quality and manufacturing have to be of top-quality. Check for the durability of the luggage by reviewing the material. Polycarbonate hard-shell exterior makes the suitcase hard and resistant to damage of any kind. The aluminum trolley system is the best option to buy for the quality of the metal. Aluminum on the outside, backed with overall fabric lining inside makes the best combination ever. However, it is better to opt for a light weighing trolley system to avoid the struggles of dragging heavy-weight luggage at a crowded airport.

Combination of luggage and backpack

A wise choice for those who love traveling would be to go for a combo offer. You can buy a set of a trolley and a backpack for meeting the requirements for long and short trips. While you can take the trolley for your family holidays or business tours, the backpack will save you from the packing worries during solo trips. When you check the specifications of the trolley, look for the following features - 

  • TSA approved combination locks to ensure a safe journey
  • Anti-scratch trolley exterior to avoid damages
  • Interior mesh dividers to keep the things sorted 
  • Durable wheels that go 360degrees without making any noise

Go for the best brand.

Find a reliable brand that offers a premium collection of luggage and backpacks. Get the best combination of luggage carriers without worrying about the price from a brand that sells the best products. 

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